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TEENAGERS Performing Arts* 

Do you have an aspiring musician at home? 

Does your child want to be an actor, or perhaps a director? 

Would you like to give your child the perfect opportunity to stay active while learning in a professional environment and make new friends?

The Stagepoint Academy team has a single goal:

We want your child to learn how to produce music, make a film and understands the techniques of photography, creates visual arts costume and set design… And have fun at the same time!

Our students learn it from a practical point of view whilst being taught by real professionals in the industry.

Make a Movie - Film

Take all that creativity and put it in a short movie. Generate ideas, learn fundamentals of three-act structure, the basics of film language, camera placement, and shot construction. This course is crammed with knowledge; cinematography, sound and editing. 

Just shoot! - Photography

If you want to be a photographer, Mallorca is the place to be. There is a reason that all the supermodels and advertising campaigns visit the island on a regular basis. Stunning scenery, interesting people and amazing skies, you will not be short for locations to arrange your own shoots. You learn fundamentals of composition, natural lighting and studio portrait techniques. Field trips are planned as well.

Write a song! And Electronic dance music production.

Follow your own beat! Write and produce your own dance track with the EDM

(Electronic dance music) production course. Learn the basics of electronic dance music production, how to build a track like a pro, make beats, design your own FX and sounds. Arrange, mix, master, promote and release your music. Ableton Live, Logic Pro and Protools will give you the techniques and tricks to create your first production. 

Set and costume design

Depending on the projects we will need to know how to make a storyboard, create the lighting, visual design, stage design, stage building, makeup, costume design, character design, puppet design and making, stop-motion animation 

Once they start, they won't let go! Let us inspire them!

At Stagepoint creative academy all is possible!

* Important! Most of our teachers are native english speakers.