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Come and play with us!

We'll take you into a magical world of games, emotions and adventures, you'll run like a lion, you'll be angry like a pirate, fight like a warrior and feel like a princess.

Our smaller students will discover:

Dramatic play: group dynamics, breaking the ice, meet each other, etc

On stage: parts of stage, costumes, script, technical part, etc

Puppets´ world: creation, manipulation, invent stories, etc

Expressive movement: mime, dance, rhythm, etc

Emotions: role-playing, discover my own feelings and body, expressive work, etc

Animals: qualities of movement, voice, ways of walking, relationships etc 

Clown: gestural expression, bodywork, humour, etc

Tales: creation of stories, storytelling, modernising old tales, etc 

And last we cannot forget music, to enjoy it and live it, not only play it! (sing, breath, instruments....) 

Each end of term we will present a performance based on a theme and the main 3 activities (acting, dancing and singing). 

During the term, the teachers will work on techniques and related practices.

Regular sessions are lead by qualified and experienced teachers.

Students will be grouped by their age and ability.

Each session has a maximum number of places available.

* Important! Most of our teachers are native english speakers.